OpenExpo Europe 2024: our new launches

May 31, 2024
OpenExpo Europe 2024
On June 13, the XI edition of OpenExpo Europe 2024 was held in Madrid, one of the most important European events on technological innovation, Digital Transformation, Open Source, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI) and GenIA, cloud, development, Internet of Things (IoT) or open innovation.
Under the theme “The Power of GenAI: Tomorrow’s Tech Revolution Today!”, this edition brought together companies, technology communities, experts, media and all sectors interested in AI with these fundamental disciplines.
The focus of the event this year was to demonstrate how AI is not just a standalone technology, but a catalyst that empowers and redefines other technology fields.

TU at OpenExpo 2024: our booth

This year, TU has had its own stand at the event, where we have made available to all attendees our latest developments in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence or ecommerce, among others. We have presented our most disruptive digital solutions, both for individuals and companies, such as Latch, Metashield, VerifAI, TU Empresas or TU Partner Program .

Business to business (B2B): TU Partner Program and TU Companies

At OpenExpo 2024 we have unveiled two new projects aimed at companies. On the one hand, we will present our first affiliate program, TU Partner Program, with which we want to help professionals from different sectors to give the boost they need to their business through our digital solutions and incentive program.
On the other hand, we are launching TU Empresas, a new business section in which different professionals in the sector will be able to contract the most advanced digital solutions on the market, developed by Telefónica Innovación Digital, to boost the digitalization of their businesses. of their businesses. From cybersecuritybersecurity solutions or financeto e-commerce and digital marketing services to help to to help companies strategic growth of companies.

TU Latch

Ever more, there is an increasing need to keep our digital to keep our digital assets and services, whether personal orWhether personal or corporate, there is a growing need to keep our digital assets and services protected. That is why increasing security levels in areas such as identity theft, credential theft and unauthorized access to our accounts is becoming increasingly important and critical. Latch was created to put a stop to these types of threats.
With Latch, companies and users can protect their digital services quickly and easily. They simply choose the services and accounts they want to protect and select secure access for them. and select a secure access for them.. Either with a second with a second authorization factor or through digital latches that enable them to activate or deactivate services and operations when they are not in use.
Latch adapts perfectly to your needs or those of your business, allowing you to customize the features you want to protect in an intuitive and secure way .

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If you are a developer or have a business, and you want to add this extra layer of security to your services, you can now try Latch for free for 30 days with our Professional Plan, take advantage of it!
TU Latch

TU Metashield

The security and privacy solution Metashield is a set of preventive security solutions for the treatment of sensitive information in digital files. TU Metashield protects document environments by analyzing, filtering and processing metadata, giving organizations maximum control over their information.
Key features of Metashield include detailed analysis and metadata removal, helping you protect sensitive data, facilitate regulatory compliance and improve security in file sharing and collaboration. It is an essential tool for organizations looking to strengthen their security when managing and sharing files, ensuring that hidden metadata does not compromise the privacy and security of information.

TU VerifAI

Another of the most most in-demand topics to address, is the identification in the manipulation and generation of images through AI that circulate in social that circulate in social networks,. Ct is increasingly difficult to identify them, which in some cases interferes with the integrity and legitimacy of our daily life in digital environments. digital environments.
With VerifAI, a project of Telefónica Innovación Digital, under the TU brand and designed to connect technological progress with a positive impact on society, it is possible to detect images, videos and texts generated by AI. With a simple interface, all you need to do is to access the official VerifAI and upload the content you want to analyze.
VerifAI, which is currently in Beta version, reviews the content and offers a Deep Fake Score indicating the probability of manipulation by AI, these being the possible results:
  • UnlikelyDoes not appear to be generated or manipulated by artificial intelligence.
  • InconclusiveThere are indications of generation or manipulation by AI, but no clear verdict.
  • Probably AIThere is a high probability that the content was generated or manipulated by AI.
The capabilities of VerifAI are currently being expanded in a Pro version that is in the pilot testing phase. This advanced version is focused on addressing the specific needs of enterprises by providing a robust and secure platform for digital content verification.
The Beta version of VerifAI is just the beginning and reinforces the commitment to innovation and digital security.
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