If you are a former customer of tu.com, this is your site

At tu.com we no longer sell devices. Now we offer you, on a single platform, the innovative technological products and services developed by Telefónica Innovación Digital.

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What happens to the current warranty of my device purchased on tu.com?

The warranty of your device will not be affected. You will be able to continue enjoying the warranty of your device purchased on tu.com during the validity period (3 years for new devices and 2 years for reconditioned devices).

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Why does tu.com no longer market devices?

The transition to this new era is due to tu.com changing ownership and ceasing to be a project of Telefónica Móviles España, S.A.U., to become part of Telefónica Innovación Digital, S.L.U., a business unit that develops cutting-edge digital products and services.

If you no longer sell mobile phones, what is tu.com now?

Now, tu.com is an innovation platform where you can find innovative and disruptive digital products and services worldwide from Telefónica Innovación Digital that will add real value to your daily life or to your company.

What products and services will I find in the new tu.com?

At the moment, the new tu.com is the digital hub for four Telefónica Innovación Digital products:​

- Latch, a cybersecurity software.

- NFT Marketplace , a Telefónica portal where you can buy, sell and discover the most exclusive digital assets based on Blockchain.

-AutoverifAI, a content detector generated with AI.

-Ovio market, ecommerce for refurbished devices

Little by little we will expand the offer of tu.com. We will evolve the platform to become a technological reference center, in which we can offer and disseminate all these solutions in a unified way to any country.

What is Telefónica Digital Innovation?

Telefónica Innovación Digital S.L.U. is a subsidiary of Telefónica born in November 2023 focused on the creation and development of technology.

Do you have more questions?

If you need it, you can contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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We believe in the power of the circular economy, that's why you will find products and services in this ecommerce where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

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The new era of tu.com

We want to be a global reference in digital innovation for individuals and companies looking for technological solutions that add value, allow them to simplify processes or improve their quality of life and connection with the world.

  • Latch

    The safety switch for your digital life

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  • NFT Marketplace

    Exclusive digital collections with guarantee of authenticity

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