Tips for a connected summer

consejos para cuidar tu móvil en verano

Now with summer, vacations are back and it's time to do all those things that we've been anxiously awaiting for months. To help you make the experience memorable, we propose a series of tips that will help you make your cell phone part of the fun.

Safety Tips

First of all, we recommend you pay attention to security . We are going to give you a couple of tips that you may have already heard, but that does not mean they are no longer valid.

security cameras

The first thing you should do before going on a trip is to back up your phone . There is a lot of summer ahead and having the peace of mind that whatever happens you have everything in store is a good way to start. We recommend that you activate automatic backup copies of your photos and any other documents that are important to you. In case of a mishap, with this copy you avoid losing all those photos you have taken since you left home, the phone numbers of people you may know or the cooking recipes you find there.

Google offers two simple, easy-to-implement solutions that take care of all of this with very little effort on your part: Google Photos and Google Drive. There are other solutions you can try like Dropbox or Onedrive. Even Apple has its own services that can be useful to you if you are an iPhone user.

Continuing with security, we suggest that, if you have not done so yet, you protect your mobile phone with a secure password . If it falls into other hands, you don't want to expose all the information that we keep on our phones today.

Two other tips are: write down the IMEI of your mobile (something like your ID) in a safe place – you can easily see it by dialing *#06#-, so that if you lose it you can block it to avoid future fraudulent or unauthorized use. identify it when it is found, and additionally make sure you have enabled Apple or Google features to remotely find, lock, or wipe your phone.

Being away from home it is common for us to look for open WiFi access points to try to keep our data consumption at bay, especially if we leave Spain. Always keep in mind that when connecting through one of these channels you have no guarantee of security in your communications, so you should avoid accessing sites with private information such as your bank accounts or sensitive, personal or company information.

A good way to overcome this is with the use of a VPN but here you should also look at the fine print. Some of the free VPN services could be as insecure as open Wi-Fi. Always remember the maxim: if something is free, the product is you. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that it is a service that you fully trust.

Caring for your smartphone

Now we are going to talk about your cell phone itself and we are going to give you some tips so that it stays in perfect condition during the summer and does not leave you stranded.

On vacation your phone use increases, you will take more photos, watch more videos and post more on your social networks. It will probably even be your travel guide and navigator. All of this has an impact on the battery and, as usual, you won't be spending much time next to an outlet. You have to make your charging time profitable! Make sure you have a charger that is as fast as possible and remember that there are many devices with fast charging. If yours is one of them, take advantage of it.

Something that you should not miss is a portable battery . On our website you have a couple of charger and battery options available that may be useful to you, take a look at them .

Also consider during these hot months not to leave your phone on cloth or similar while it is charging , you make it more difficult for it to dissipate the heat and in this season it can be easy for your phone to overheat and function improperly or even suffer some damage. Don't leave it in direct sunlight and don't use apps that promise to cool it down as, in our experience, they don't work.

If even with these precautions your cell phone sends you a high temperature warning, turn it off and put it in the shade in a cool place , remove the case so that the device releases heat and do not charge it while it cools down. Do not try to cool it suddenly in the refrigerator or under water, a sudden change in temperature is not good for it either.

And here the theme of summer: water, the pool, the sea. If your phone is waterproof, does that mean you can use it in water? The manufacturers are blunt. While technically possible, it is not recommended.

Also, be careful, there are time and pressure limits and the protection is only for fresh water. Sea salt, sand or chemicals and products that may be in a pool can damage its proper functioning. Better not to tempt fate.

Mobile phone protection is designed to get you out of trouble in the event of an accident, for example, if you drop it in the pool or under the tap. In any case, the screens used by phones do not respond well to water so they are not easy to use submerged.

Tell us what your summer trick is. Is there anything you do during these months to enjoy your phone more?