Telefónica NFT Marketplace: what is it, what is it for and what kind of collections does it offer?

July 5, 2024
Telefónica NFT marketplace
You may have ever wondered what an NFT is. A NFT or Non Fungible Token (Non Fungible Token) is a unique and indivisible digital asset that cannot be modified or exchanged, even for another token of the same value. Therefore, no two NFTs are the same.
For example, in the art world, pieces are unique. There is only one original painting of Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez and it is in the Museo Nacional del Prado. Any other version will be a replica, but never the original. This is the same thing that happens with NFTs, since thanks to blockchain technology it is possible to add a certificate of authenticity to the work through a series of information (metadata) that cannot be modified.
To host this type of digital unique asset, we have created Telefónica NFT Marketplace
a marketplace that connects artists and buyers, enabling the purchase and sale of NFTs of exclusive digital creations backed by the Polygon network. In it, you can find a wide variety of NFTs of different categories and utilities.

How to buy or sell NFTs on the Telefonica NFT Marketplace?

If you want to buy NFTs in the Telefónica NFT Marketplace, the purchase process is very simple:
  1. Link the Metamask wallet.
  2. Confirm the connection to Polygon.
  3. Make the transaction with the MATIC or ETHEREUM cryptocurrency.
Each purchase includes a certificate of authenticity and ownership of the NFT, accessible from your personal wallet. The marketplace welcomes a variety of creators, from publishing companies to individual artists.
And if you are interested in finding out how to create and sell your own NFT collection within the Telefónica NFT Marketplace, you can leave us your project information in our creator section so that our team can evaluate your proposal and contact you with more information.

Types of NFT collections in Telefónica NFT Marketplace

The different types of NFTs that can be found in the Telefónica NFT Marketplace are works and digital assets in the fields of art, literature, entertainment, social engagement, gaming, and social engagement, gaming and assets to be used in the Metaverse.and assets for use in the Metaverse.

Art and illustration NFTs

NFTs have transformed the art and illustration world by acting as digital stamps of authenticity and ownership, recorded on a blockchain. They allow artists to sell their digital works directly, eliminating middlemen and offering exclusivity to buyers. This technology guarantees transparency and unalterability of transactions, generating confidence in the digital art market.
In Telefónica NFT Marketplace you can find outstanding works, such as the the first work of Van Gogh in NFT format and other illustrations by renowned artists.
Another artist who has a collection is Eduardo Roncero. He presents a collection of his well-known “Personajes Célebres” in which he reviews the history of music, cinema and painting by the hand of mystical characters from the art world. This collection offers the opportunity to purchase the works in NFTs format. In addition, with the purchase you also get the original work on canvas and the certificate of originality of both. This allows collectors to have both a digital and a physical piece of the artist.

Literature NFTs

NFTs in the literary realm offer exclusive digital representations of written works, registered on the blockchain to guarantee authenticity and ownership. These tokens ensure rarity and uniqueness through blockchain technology, standing out against simple digital copies.
In addition, they can contain metadata that adds context and value for collectors. Thus, literary NFTs allow authors to distribute and market works in innovative ways, while readers can acquire and collect works in digital format.
Some of the most outstanding and relevant collections of the Telefónica NFT Marketplace are “Cuentos Cortos” by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, “Cuentos con Sonrisa” by Juan Luis Cano of Gomaespuma and “Décimas Vivas”, a project by Alexis Diaz Pimienta in collaboration with musical artists.

Entertainment NFTs

NFTs also are revolutionizing digital entertainment by enabling single ownership of blockchain-backed assets. In video games, they represent everything from characters to virtual terrains, giving players a new sense of ownership and the ability to trade and create new games. This technology transforms the relationship between creators and consumers, offering new ways of participation and monetization.
Here we can find the Outer Ring collection, which offers exclusive access to game demos, online events and discounts on merchandise, and The Crypto Hunters TV Show, which features 8 unique digital assets and access to exclusive events.
Xtraveler is an innovative platform that uses cryptocurrencies to revolutionize the travel industry, allowing users to book hotels, tours and car rentals in over 195 countries with anonymity and security. Part of the XHYPE ecosystem, it facilitates transactions without identity verification. The xPassport Telefonica Edition collection offers 50 unique and free NFTs that guarantee the best rate on its network, with access to 800,000 hotels, 120,000 activities, 500 car rental providers and global eSIMs.

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NFTs in the music industry
In the music industry, on the other hand, NFTs can represent entire albums, individual songs or exclusive experiences. Artists now have the ability to monetize their works in innovative ways, offering fans the opportunity to own unique versions of their music or privileged access to virtual events.
David Summers’ NFT collection, titled. “Letras de David Summers” is unique in that it features an exclusive, certified NFT that unlocks access to the original of the song. This NFT represents the first music document hosted in our Marketplace on the blockchain, setting a new standard for authenticity and security.
At the heart of this collection lies a single exclusive NFT, guaranteeing ownership of the original of the song “Rowland’s Corner”. The introduction of this work to the blockchain guarantees its security and permanence in an unalterable digital record.
This development brings with it numerous advantages:
  • Security. The blockchain implements advanced protocols to safeguard content against any vulnerabilities.
  • Immutability. Once the song is stored on the blockchain, its details and ownership become immutable, protecting it against any improper modification.
  • Transparency. The blockchain technology provides full transparency regarding the song’s ownership and history, building trust among NFT holders.
The integration of “The Lyrics of David Summers” into Telefónica NFTs Marketplace, marks a major milestone in the convergence between art and technology, offering a unique and secure experience for music lovers and digital collectors.
Calladita Collection
In the world of cinema is “Calladita”, the first European film financed through a collection of NFTs launched in 2022, making a significant mark in the crossover between cinema and Web3. To commemorate the film’s release event on May 17, a collection of 50 exclusive NFTs has been created offering access to the Making off with behind-the-scenes videos. This way of financing the film has set a milestone in the decentralization of filmmaking through blockchain.
The collection of NFTs “Calladita” is a testament to the innovative power of film and blockchain technology. Film presented by Steven Soderbergh, directed by Miguel Faus and starring Paula Grimaldo and Ariadna Gil.

NFTs with utilities in the Metaverse

In the Metaverse, NFTs have diverse utilities, from representing digital artworks to parcels of virtual land. They act as ownership tokens, allowing virtual assets to be bought, sold and exchanged with guarantees of authenticity and scarcity. They also have programmable functionalities that unlock exclusive content or access to virtual events. These features drive the economy and creativity in this constantly evolving virtual universe.
Another collection that can be found in the Telefónica NFT Marketplace is Paysenger, which offers 50 unique gating NFTs.
For soccer lovers there is the collection of MetaSoccer Lands NFTs, representing FIFA countries, providing exclusive ownership privileges and benefits within the MetaSoccer ecosystem. By acquiring a MetaSoccer Land, players gain a piece of soccer’s rich history and access to unique in-game opportunities and advantages. MetaSoccer allows you to be a true club owner and reap rewards through expert management and strategic play.

Solidarity and sustainable NFTs

The acquisition of an NFT can go beyond obtaining a digital asset for collecting or investment reasons, as it can also involve supporting a social cause or sustainable project that makes it even more special and unique.
For this reason, Telefónica NFT Marketplace has several collections of this type. One of them is the Cálico Electrónico illustration series, created in collaboration with the Isabel Gemio Foundation, with the purpose of raising funds to finance scientific research in search of treatments for rare diseases and muscular dystrophies.
There is also theXave: The Forest collection, consisting of 20 unique NFTs known as NFTrees, available at Telefónica NFTs Marketplace. These NFTrees represent the forest found in Alala, the main city of the Xave world.
On the sustainability side, the Harvverse project stands out, which uses blockchain technology and NFTs to revolutionize the coffee industry in Latin America. This project connects producers and consumers in the Metaverse, guaranteeing fair prices and transparency through advanced data collection systems and intelligent coffee production algorithms. NFTs have been created that represent coffee parcels, allowing holders to support farmers. The first two collections of this project are. “Green” and “Carbon”, which offer rights to virtual agricultural assets and sustainable projects.
Finally, there is the United for Ukraine collection, composed of 7 NFTs made in collaboration with 9 NGOs and Javier Mariscal, to provide support for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. 100% of the funds raised will go to help people affected by this crisis.
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