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TU Latch: a security latch to protect digital services and identities

June 13, 2024
app TU Latch
In an increasingly digitized world, where every year we make more transactions online and our online presence is growing, it is crucial that we have tools capable of reinforcing our digital protection to avoid fraud or deception on the Internet. In this context, technology can help us to respond to this and other problems related to cybersecurity, which is why at TU we have relaunched the app of Latch app with new functionalities.
Latch is a second factor authorization (2FA) solution for securing online services. It works with temporary code-pairing (TOTP) security latches, so that users only have to worry about opening or closing them.
In this way, users and organizations can protect themselves in a simple, effective and intuitive way. The main objective of Latch is to protect identities in digital accounts or services to make people and companies’ digital lives safer.
In this post we tell you how Latch works and its main features, both for companies and developers, as well as for users. In addition, during the OpenExpo Europe, which was held in Madrid on June 13 ,
was present with a physical stand where the company’s experts presented this and other services of the family.

TU Latch for enterprises and developers: operation and features

Latch protects businesses from digital cyber threats. This solution integrates seamlessly into the companies’ system, creating security latches tailored to the specific functionalities of the service.
Once integrated, customers can easily manage the latches set by the company, thus effectively securing critical functionalities.
Thanks to this solution, companies and developers can manage the digital identities of their online services through a customized control panel. Latch allows you to monitor customer access data and the use they make of the latches. In addition, it offers assistance and support to resolve any doubts or queries.

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Latch adapts to various sectors, such as education, e-commerce or fintech. It is also compatible with Web3 it also supports Web3, to protect cryptocurrencies, NFTs and digital assets. Try now our Professional Plan available for companies and developers free for 30 days.

TU Latch for users: how to protect your digital life?

Latch adds an extra extra layer of security to protect users’ digital identities. In addition, this application works in real time, detecting access and analyzing any suspicious activity to keep data safe.
Activating Latch functionalities is as easy as a simple tap, allowing the latch to be opened and closed to protect users’ accounts instantly. Even if the cell phone is lost or stolen, applications and accounts remain secure thanks to cloud security, which makes recovery easy. So with Latch, passwords are more protected than ever before thanks to the latches.
In addition, users will be able to forget about multiple complicated passwords because Latch stores them securely and protects them with an additional layer of two-factor authorization (2FA).
The Latch interface is extremely easy to use. It integrates seamlessly with applications, allowing users to quickly access their digital accounts and passwords. This ensures that data is protected at all times, ensuring a secure and hassle-free digital experience.
Download the free Latch app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.
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